Saturday, 4 October 2008

Scottish Films on TV & George Morrison recognised

Another brief update for anyone with an interest in Scottish or Irish films. I do wonder if there's actually anyone else out there in the wide world of films who does have an enthusiasm for both Scottish and Irish films. I suspect it's just me. Anyway...

I mentioned previously the news that came out about George Morrison being invited into the European Film Academy. Well I've just seen the story on Filmbase's website, along with news about an Irish TV screening of WAITING FOR THE LIGHT, so click here to go and read it.

Meanwhile, back home, STV will be showing three recent Scottish films shortly. They are BLINDED, a pretty decent thriller starring Peter Mullan; NIGHT PEOPLE, an earnest little drama that I really enjoyed when I saw it recently (it'll probably get a write-up on this blog shortly); and GAMERZ, which I just mentioned yesterday. This news comes from Scottish Screen so click here to go and read that story.

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